måndag 16 januari 2012

Månadens lättlästa på engelska

Stuffed av Eric Walters
The credits started rolling up the screen. Behind the credits were pictures of people - overwhelmingly overweight people with rolls of fat bulging over jeans and busting out of tops, with triple chins, and wearing clothes big enough to be circus tents.

The lights came on and Mrs Fletcher walked to the front of the classroom, turned off the DVD and clicked off the TV.

"That was quite an interesting documentary," she said.

It was called Stuffed, and it was all about Frankie´s, the gigantic fastfood chain. It was all about how their food was filled with fat and chemicals and how eating it could make people overweight, unhealthy, sick and could basically kill them.

"Comments?" Mrs Fletcher asked.
"That was disgusting," Julia snapped. Julia was one of my best friends. "Just disgusting!"
"It was pretty gross," Oswald agreed. He was my best friend.

På en lektion i skolan får Ian och hans klass se Stuffed, en film om en känd snabbmatsrestaurang. Maten är full av fett och gör människorna som äter den feta. Nästan alla i klassen blir upprörda över filmen.

Ian tycker att något måste göras. Han bestämmer sig för att uppmana alla att bojkotta Frankie´s.

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